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Hey all of you... this is a new part i will be adding. For now it will only be posted through the /lsmes of our LS, when something is needed to be said, privately to only you guys.
My first message is i will be starting a new point system for everyone. If you want help you must have a certain amount of points inorder for the LS to come help you, on whatever you need. For this reason is because, even i have this site for people to come to and post what is needed and complaints or whatnot, only 10% of the LS does so. The rest, out of the blue gives me random /tells that annoys the hell outta me. So starting next week, we will run off a point system. Everytime to help someone (also non-members) or participate in an event will give you 10 pts. Asking for help on a quest is 10 pts, that is if it succeeds in completing the quest (not AF quest) or mission will the pts be subtracted. For help with AF pieces (Coffer keys, chest, quest) will be a requirement of 30 pts. Anyone with more pts then the other will have more authority through lotting... Pts are only confirmed pts if they are clairified through me, Woulfgang or Demoneyeskio, You must tell any of those 3 and have proof of helping another. If you have any questions, my Email is posted throughout this website. This is my plan to have our LS well known and respected, also to promote good things for the future of our server, for i am sure you have noticed a bit of down-fall.
The second message is i will need individual e-mail addresses, solo pic, and quote from all of you, if i do not recieve an all 3 of those, the points you will try to gain will not count and will be suspended til i recieve all 3. This is the form i wish to have all fo you put that information on... The solo pic i expect to be sent seperately to my Email aswell... []

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