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Welcome to the ShinsengumiRebirth website!
Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting the website, it is a great honor... Most things are still under construction. Please submit all pictures and videos to me, so I may post it on this site for the entire FFXI communittee to see, I would greatly appreciate it!  LEBIRAM'S SHINSENGUMI DOCUMENTARY GOODBYE VIDEO FINISHED! SEE VIDEO PAGE! Yuck Fu and Lebiram Page has been added. Please E-Mail all comments, suggestions, or contributions to,


The Shinsengumi...
A group of loyal Samurai sworn to honorably protect the moral beliefs of Bushido with thier lives.

The code that the Samurai have devoted thier lives to,


  • 義 - Gi - Rectitude
  • 勇 - Yu - Courage
  • 仁 - Jin - Benevolence
  • 礼 - Rei - Respect
  • 誠 - Makoto - Honesty
  • 名誉 - Meiyo - Honor
  • 尽忠 - Chugi - Loyalty 

    Open Bushido links in seprate windows.

    I try to encourage this among the Samurai in the LS. Even though this is just a game, the spirit of Samurai we believe exist within all of us. This is what makes a good Samurai "mentally", and most Samurai in FFXI do not possess these traits of a "true" Samurai, they do very well have the awesome equipment but not the actual knowledge of a Samurai, which in my opinion makes them a not complete Samurai... I mean hey this is a "Role Playing Game", why not play Samurai. ^^

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    5 Principles of The Shinsengumi:
    1. Do not betray the samurai code. (Be courteous, loyal to the Samurai as a whole, take honor in being a samurai.)
    2. Do not leave the group. (The LS isn't that strict for not to leave, it doesn't have to be a perma LS, but if it is that's great!)
    3. Do not solicit money without permission. (Lol, this is probably the only rule we don't follow, your money is your money, one thing... Don't help Gil Sellers!)
    4. Do not litigate without permission. (We actually encourage more activity with others, meet new people, help other people and have fun. We're here to promote the good of Vana'diel while giving Samurai a good name. ^^)
    5. Do not have personal fights. (That's fine, but we try to keep peace throughout Vana'diel, and if you have conflicts we would rather have it shared, so we may resolve it.)
    So basically the New Shinsengumi that we have established is only actually follows the 1st law. We feel that the samurai shall be free to do as they wish as long as they do not disobey our moral codes of Bushido.